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The Southern Region
of the
National Black Law Students Association

"The Future is Now!"

A Word From Our Chair


Greetings SRBLSA family!

Welcome to the website for the Sophisticated Southern Region of the National Black Law Students Association! This website serves as the centralized place with information on all SRBLSA events for the year, the contact for executive board members as well as any other correspondence.

My name is Shannan Young, and it is with great honor and privilege that I introduce myself to you as the 52nd Regional Chair of the Southern Region of the National Black Law Students Association. The members of the 52nd Regional Board and I are grateful for this opportunity to serve, that you have audaciously bestowed upon us. We do not take this responsibility lightly.


Throughout history, Black people have consistently blazed trails for social change while shattering glass ceilings. Right now, we are days away from the first Black woman taking her seat on the bench of our nation’s highest court. While simultaneously Black history is once again being relegated to the margins and our constitutional rights to peacefully assemble and to vote are under attack. Although we have made great strides, we are not there yet. The journey must continue through us.


Since its inception, the National Black Law Student Association has strived to promote the educational, professional, political, and social needs of Black law students. As Regional Chair, it is my aim to educate, empower, and inspire our members by reaffirming the original goals of our founder A.J. Cooper. My vision is to champion a culture of inclusivity and partnership, to curate programs that will encourage us to reimagine the way we will practice as future attorneys and advocates and to provide opportunities for professional and personal development that will ensure we start our careers confidently with a professional advantage.


Our theme, “The Future is Now!”, acknowledges how far we have come as Black people while challenging us to think proactively and innovatively as we continue to define our role in this ever-changing society. On behalf of the 52nd Regional Executive Board, we look forward to connecting with you this year, uniting our voices, and elevating our impact.

Yours in Truth, Power, and Service,

Shannan Young, PharmD
Southern Regional Chair, 2022-2023
National Black Law Students Association



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