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Greetings SRBSLA,

I am very honored to serve as this year's Editor-in-Chief of the Southern Journal of Policy and Justice. I am excited about the issues that will be discussed in this year's volume, as they are timely, interesting, and groundbreaking. Volume XVIII's theme will be "African-Americans and Artificial Intelligence: A Legal Analysis of Contemporary and Historic Marginalization of Minorities by Systems." 


This theme will speak to some of the most pressing issues of recent years, that involve technology, social media, autonomous programming, and their impacts on marginalized groups. The discussions in Volume XVIII will be deeply intriguing and thought-provoking. The solutions proposed will likely create new conversations within the legal and technology sectors, that can bring about systemic change.


I am an avid supporter of BLSA, and especially, SRBSLA. I believe we all must contribute to our communities, through discussions, mentorship, resource pooling, and scholarship that can create the change we wish to see. I look forward to publishing Volume XVIII and discussing its groundbreaking implications at our annual Symposium. I cannot wait to see you there!



Sikudhadi Foster-McCray

Editor-in-Chief | Southern Journal of Policy and Justice, Vol. XVIII  



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