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SRBLSA would like to thank our donors for their continued support throughout the year. Their dedication and generosity have allowed our region to continually address the educational needs and goals of minority law students throughout the region and organize memorable events that improve students’ experiences in lawschool.

Donations are an effective way to demonstrate your support of SRBLSA. SRBLSA invites all interested individuals and organizations to join our efforts to foster diversity in the legal community through donations.


To complete your Giving Day donation, click the button below and select the "Southern Region" for your gift allocation


For contributions of $1,000 or more please see our Sponsorship Guide




Become a SRBLSA Sponsor!

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If you would like to send your support via mail, please mail your check, payable to “SRBLSA”, to:


712 H St NE, Suite 1519
Washington, DC 20002
United States


Please contact our Director of Corporate Relations at for any additional information.

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