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I.H. Spears


Tell Them We Are Rising: One Community at a Time

In 1921, a thriving Black community existed in Greenwood, Oklahoma, near modern-day Tulsa. The business district, dubbed “Black Wall Street,” was home to many Black businesses, a rare phenomenon at the turn of the century when Jim Crow laws were becoming entrenched in the United States. Following a confrontation between white assailants and a group of Black men, white rioters began attacking the Greenwood district. The resulting race riot became known as the Tulsa Massacre.

In the ashes of the Tulsa Massacre, a courageous attorney, B.C. Franklin, together with his law partner, I.H. Spears, set up a tent and began work to rebuild Greenwood.


In this current climate, we hope to follow the same path as B.C. Franklin and countless other attorneys in rallying our communities to effect change. Out of the ashes of
Tulsa, Minneapolis, and Atlanta: Tell Them We Are Rising.

Throughout the history of the United States, marginalized communities, particularly Black and poor communities, have had limited access to legal services. As a result, these communities’ opportunities for advancement and justice are substantially hindered. Our goal is to alleviate these disparities by partnering licensed attorneys with current law students to make a local community impact. Our goal is to accomplish 500 hours of pro bono services to our community. Join us and tell them: we are rising.

B.C. Franklin
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